Michael Patterson

Michael Patterson

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My knowledge and skills

I design and hand code every new website from scratch with responsive design, SEO, CMS and social interaction in mind. This means that the finished websites are easy to use, look great on all platforms and can be quickly integrated into CMS software.


Web design and development

I have several years of experience in designing and building websites that are responsive, content managed and optimised for search engines. I hand code fluently in HTML5 and CSS3 with additional knowledge and experience in jQuery, Javascript and PHP. My preferred CMS software is ExpressionEngine, though I've also worked on Wordpress websites too.

Animation & Video production

I have worked on a number of animations and other video based projects (in employment and my free time). These include 2d and 3d animations, book and movie trailers, machinimas, video presentations, short movies and special effects with video composition. I also have a lot of video editing experience, with my main tool being Vegas Pro.


I have loved photography for most of my life. In recent years it's become one of my favourite hobbies and now use professional grade DSLR cameras and equipment. My photography skills include landscape, night, macro and long exposure photography. I also have skills in film making and time-lapse video creation.

Website design


Animation and video